We are one of the few mid-size independent builders to maintain our own joinery workshop in London. This allows us to create bespoke solutions to any space or storage challenge at a reasonable cost.

Our dedicated artisans and craftsmen use the latest tools, the finest woods, and a variety of finishes to create traditional to modern projects. We provide full-service kitchen, bathroom, wardrobe, library, and other cabinetry solutions at any budget level.

With Voytex, you are not limited to manufacturer's ranges. We create custom cabinetry, doors, architraves, furniture, and other joinery to your or your architect's specification. We work to any budget - large or small. We can copy, extend, or repair existing joinery.

We eliminate the middlemen to reduce expense and avoid costly project delays in joinery delivery.

We can coordinate your installation with our own Electrical Team to ensure your new joinery is also state of the art, even when traditional in design.

Architectural Plans