Spot the Difference, Lucia van der Post, The Times

Spot the Difference by Lucia van der Post

"... Three weeks later lovely Polish builders from Voytex arrived and no, they didn't finish in two weeks (that painted floor took for ever to dry), but they did finish in two and a half, which is some sort of a miracle. And I'm thrilled. It is infinitely nicer, cleaner, more modern than it would have ever been if I'd done it on my own. ..." read the whole article

The Times, Bricks and Mortar, 9 January 2004.

Exotic Enchantment, Greg Cook, The Essential Kitchen Bathroom Bedroom

Exotic Enchantment by Greg Cook

"... So, when the kitchen was extended at one side to improve the room's overall width, it was decided that the new roof section above should be entirely glazed, and the main run of the kitchen located underneath. A beutiful contrast of tones and materials gives an ultra-sophisticated look. ..." see the article

The Essential Kitchen Bathroom Bedroom, April 2005.

Try my suite and shower, GLucia van der Post, Times Online

Try my suite and shower by Lucia van der Post

"... My brief was quite demanding, given that the room measures just 3.30m by 2.87m. It had to have a freestanding bath and a power shower. Two basins were a must. There had to be loads of storage, and it had to look modern and glamorous but not bleak or stark. I wanted a bath in the window, because we look out over beautiful gardens, but it could not be made to work. ..." read the whole article

Times Online, 8 April 2005.